I’ve attempted to organize the following academic and mainstream resources thematically.  Please let me know of worthwhile suggestions to add.

Recent podcast episodes: 

Keane, D. W. (2019, June 18). What is library social work? [NASW Social Work Talks Podcast, Episode 34]. Retrieved from

Draper, C., & Foster, K. (2019, February). inSocialWork Podcast #264 : Carrie Draper and Dr. Kirk Foster: Exploring the Integration of Social Workers into the Library Setting (G. Hamilton, Interviewer). Retrieved from

Enoch Pratt Free Library. (2018, November 9). Kimberly Street and Laurel Smith-Raut discussing Social Worker In The Library [Podcast]. In Free to Bmore Podcast. Retrieved from

Tools for conducting needs assessment

City of Azusa. (2018). Neighborhood Connections Toolkit. Retrieved November 9, 2018, from

Elmhurst Public Library. (2018). Social Services Needs Assessment. Retrieved December 18, 2018, from

Kelley, A., & Navarro, A.E. (2015, November). Social Work in the city library: A new frontier for transforming lives. Presented at the NACSW Convention, Grand Rapids, MI. Retrieved from

Kelley, A., Riggleman, K., Clara, I., & Navarro, A. E. (2017). Determining the Need for Social Work Practice in a Public Library. Journal of Community Practice25(1), 112–125.

Trauma informed care libraries (trainings for library staff by social workers and interns):

Athens-Clarke County Library & Univ of Georgia School of Social Work:

Denver Public Library – social work team (no interns at the moment):

Outreach – children

Kansas City Public Library. (2018). Front Porch Cafe. Retrieved from


Brooklyn Public Library. (2018). Jail & Prison Libraries: TeleStory. Retrieved from

New Jersey Library Association. (2018). Fresh Start Re-Entry Program @ Long Branch Public Library.I Love NJ Libraries. Retrieved from

The Link News. (2014). Library honored for innovative Fresh Start Re-Entry Program. Retrieved from


Long Branch Free Public Library. (2017). Fade to Books Barbershop Literacy Initiative. Retrieved from


Zettervall, S. (2015a, July 20). My library wants a social work intern! How do I make that happen? Retrieved October 5, 2018, from

Zettervall, S. (2015b, July 28). Ask WPL: Social Work Interns and Patron Privacy. Retrieved October 5, 2018, from

Zettervall, S. (2015c, August 17). Ask WPL: How can I find a library practicum that incorporates social work? Retrieved October 5, 2018, from

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